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Lab Jobs

Solutions Schedule

8/23/22 Yan, Olivia
8/25/22 Heenam, James
8/30/22 Wilber, Stephanie
9/1/22 Mark, Hillel
9/6/22 Sharan, Heenam
9/8/22 Wilber, Stephanie
9/13/22 Mengyi, Yan
9/15/22 Heenam, Hillel
9/20/22 Wilber, Stephanie
9/22/22 Mark, Sharan
9/27/22 Heenam, James
9/29/22 Wilber, Stephanie
10/4/22 Mark, Sharan
10/6/22 Yan, Olivia
10/11/22 Stephanie, Wilber
10/13/22 Heenam, Hillel
10/18/22 James, Sharan
10/20/22 Stephanie, Wilber
10/25/22 Mark, Mengyi
10/27/22 Yan, Olivia
11/1/22 Stephanie, Wilber
11/3/22 Hillel, Sharan
11/8/22 Heenam, Mark
11/10/22 Stephanie, Wilber
11/15/22 Mengyi, Yan
11/17/22 Olivia, Sharan
11/22/22 Stephanie, Wilber
11/28/22 Hillel, James
11/30/22 Mark, Mengyi
12/1/22 Stephanie, Wilber
12/6/22 James, Olivia
12/8/22 Yan, Sharan
12/13/22 Stephanie, Wilber
12/15/22 Mark, Hillel
12/20/22 Stephanie, Wilber

Cold Room Cleaning Schedule

1/10/2022 Mengyi Cao Sternberg Lab
1/18/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
1/24/2022 Yan Jin Sternberg Lab
1/31/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
2/7/2022 Hillel Schwartz Sternberg Lab
2/14/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
2/22/2022 James Chien-Hsiang Tan Sternberg Lab
2/28/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
3/7/2022 Olivia Wan Sternberg Lab
3/14/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
3/21/2022 Sharan Parkash Sternberg Lab
3/28/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
4/4/2022 Mark Zhang Sternberg Lab
4/11/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
4/18/2022 Heenam Park Sternberg Lab
4/25/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
5/2/2022 Wilber Palma Sternberg Lab
5/9/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
5/16/2022 Stephanie Nava Sternberg Lab
5/23/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
5/31/2022 Mengyi Cap Sternberg Lab
6/6/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
6/13/2022 Yan Jin Sternberg Lab
6/20/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
6/27/2022 Hillel Schwartz Sternberg Lab
7/5/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
7/11/2022 James Tan Sternberg Lab
7/18/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
7/25/2022 Olivia Wan Sternberg Lab
8/1/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
8/8/2022 Sharan Prakash Sternberg Lab
8/15/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
8/22/2022 Mark Zhang Sternberg Lab
8/29/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
9/6/2022 Hillel Schwartz Sternberg Lab
9/12/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
9/19/2022 Wilber Palma Sternberg Lab
9/26/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
10/3/2022 Stephanie Nava Sternberg Lab
10/10/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
10/17/2022 Mengyi Cao Sternberg Lab
10/24/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
10/31/2022 Yan Jin Sternberg Lab
11/7/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
11/14/2022 Hillel Schwartz Sternberg Lab
11/21/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
11/28/2022 James Tan Sternberg Lab
12/5/2022 Steven Tran Prober Lab
12/12/2022 Olivia Wan Sternberg Lab

Chemical Room Cleaning Schedule

1/14/2022 Stephanie
2/15/2022 Wilber
3/15/2022 Heenam
4/14/2022 Mark
5/16/2022 Sharan
6/15/2022 Olivia
7/15/2022 James
8/15/2022 Hillel
9/15/2022 Yan
10/14/2022 Mengyi
11/15/2022 Stephanie
12/15/2022 Wilber

General Lab Jobs

Item Description Lab Member(s)
-20° Enzymes, PCR Reagents, Antibodies, K219 Keep freezer organized. Assist with finding and ordering enzymes. Anyone that wants an enzyme should click here. Wilber
-80° Freezers Clean, maintain, instruct users. Barbara/Sarah T.
20° Room Maintain and organize James
Baker TC Hood/Organics, 324Q Clean, maintain, instruct users, proper labeling. The protocol for this hood can be found here.
Balances For instructions on using the balances in the lab, click here. Wilber
Calcium Imaging Rig Maintain, instruct users. For info on how to use the calcium imaging rig, click here. Olivia/Mark
Camera, Worm Tracker, Light Sources Order bulbs, clean and maintain. For information regarding maintenance of the worm tracker, click here. Yan
Cell Dissection Scope, Alles 292
Chemical Room Clean chemical room monthly. The schedule can be found on the lab jobs page. All lab members
Cold Room Clean cold room monthly. The schedule can be found on the lab jobs page. All lab members
DNA Gel Boxes and Power Supplies Maintain supply of combs, call in repairs. Heenam, Olivia
Electroporator Instruct users, maintain, call in repairs. For more information on how to use the electroporator, click here.
Fume Hoods/Organics, 324H Clean, maintain, instruct users, proper labeling. The protocol for this hood can be found here.
Gel Doc Instruct users, maintain, call in repairs. Instructions can be found here. James/Mengyi
Incubators (all temps) Maintain, call in repairs. More information regarding maintaining the incubators can be found here. Hillel
Injection Scope/Needle Puller Maintain supply of needles and filaments, instruct users. For more information regarding the injection scope or needle puller, click on this link. Heenam
Lab Website Keep content up to date. Sarah T.
Laminar Flow Hood, 324 Hall Clean, maintain, instruct users, proper labeling. The protocol for this hood can be found here.
Laser Ablation Microscope Maintain, call in repairs. Instructions on how to clean and refill the dye chamber can be found here. Mark
Leica XCite X120 Microscope, GFP Dissecting Maintain supply of bulbs, maintain scope, instruct users. Click here for the microscope user guide, troubleshooting tips, and additional information. Sharan
Liquid Nitrogen Maintain adequate supply for weekends. Information about the maintenance of our LN2 stock can be found here. Barbara
Lyophilizer, Alles 291 The user manual and protocol for the lyophilizer can be found here.
Microscope Ligh and Dark Rooms Keep area organized and clean.
Microscopes, Compound Maintain, call in repairs. Cynthia
Microscopes, Dissecting Stereo (all) Changing bulbs, instruct users. Stephanie
PCR Machines Instruct users, maintain, call in repairs.  Information about the various types of PCR machines in lab can be found here. (ADD link with folder to all PCR machines) Yan
pH Meter Information about the pH meter can be found here. Wilber
Pipetman Call in service requests for calibration and/or repairs. Click here for service information. Sarah T.
Plate Pouring Wilber and Stephanie
Printer (shared office, Rm. 330) Maintain and order supplies. Questions about printer maintenance? Click here . Sarah T.
Safety Officer/Safety Kits For emergencies, call x5000. DO NOT CALL 911. You can find information about waste disposal here. Lab safety information can also be found in the binder located in K219 above Stephanies's desk. Stephane and Wilber
Shakers Maintain by cleaning with bleach or alcohol, call in repairs. Stephanie
Sorvall Centrifuge For information on how to use this centrifuge, click on this link.
Strain Collection Click on this link. for information about freezing worms. Barbara
Table top centrifuges Mark
Water Baths Instruct users, maintain, call in repairs. Sharan
Western Blot Apparatus Maintain, call in repairs. The protocol for using the western blot apparatus can be found by clicking on this link.
X-ray source, Kerckhoff Basement, B121 This is a shared resource. Information regarding the use of this equipment is located link. Shared Resource
Zeiss Microscope (with apotome), 324R1 Instruct users, maintain, call in repairs. James/Mengyi