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cGAL Project

We wish to expand the GAL4-UAS system adapted for C. elegans, cGAL and split cGAL, to develop community-wide reagents. Our goal is to create drivers that access all 302 neurons, as well as male-specific neurons. The driver strains are created by selecting a single promoter, cGAL, or two intersecting promoters, split cGAL, expressed in the neuron to target specificity. Researchers can then cross the drivers with UAS effector strains, to produce progeny that will express the desired neuron/cell-specific gene expression. Our list of effectors contains inhibitors, reporter genes, neurotoxins, and others to facilitate future exploration.

As of now, we have developed drivers that can access various types of the 302 hermaphroditic neurons, such as sensory (52% completed), motor, interneurons, and polymodal neurons. We have also started the endeavor of creating drivers for male-specific neurons. Below we have listed a table of available drivers. The table includes the neuron name, which promoter/s were used, and driver strain name(s). The effector table includes the gene, its intended use, and effector strain name(s).

Strains are available upon request, for correspondence, you can email Paul, Wilber, or Stephanie.

cGAL Drivers as of 7/30/2020

Neuron/Cell type Promoter(s) Description PS#
ADF srh-142 Coel::GFP ectopic expression PS8461
ADL srh-220 Very weak expression PS8091 (syEx)
AFD gcy-8 PS8566
PS8567 PS8642
AIM pdf-1, mbr-1 Additional neurons (possibly PVP) PS8843
AIY ttx-3 PS8290
PS8291 PS8405
ALA flp-24 PS8088
ALM, PLM, AVM, PVM mec-17 PS8052 (syEx)
PS8373 PS8320 PS8323
ASE gcy-5 PS8650
ASE gcy-17 PS8652
PS8653 PS8654
ASI gpa-4 Coel::GFP ectopic expression PS8658
ASJ trx-1 PS8768
PS8772 PS8769
ASK sra-9 PS7789
AVG nmr-1, flp-7 PS8128 (syEx)
PS8287 (syEx) PS8409 PS8410 PS8411 PS8494
AVJ hlh-34 PS8087 (syEx)
PS8132 PS8133
AVK flp-1 PS8458
PS8288 PS8289
AWA odr-10 PS8292
PS8293 PS8297
AWB str-1 General body GFP also present, coel::gfp PS8565
PS8564 PS8649
AWC str-2 General body GFP also present, PS8496
BAG gyc-33 PS8562
Body muscle myo-3 PS6936
Dopaminergic dat-1
DVA nlp-12 PS8022 (syEx)
PS8014 (syEx) PS8415 PS8416 PS8417 PS8418
DVC ceh-63 PS8129
GABAergic neuron unc-47 PS7166
PS7160 PS7167
Gland cell inx-11, flp-20 PS8453
Heat shock hsp.16.41 PS7169
PS7170 PS7171 PS7172 PS7173
I1 zag-1, nlp-3
Intestine nlp-40 PS6916
PS6933 PS6934 PS6935
M3 flp-13, mnm-2
MC unc-17, ceh-19 PS7521
PS7522 PS7523
MCM pdf-1, grl-2 PS8661
NSM tph-1, pdf-1 PS8660
Pan-neuronal rab-3 PS6961
PS6962 PS6963
PHA Srg-13 PS8849, PS8850, PS8851
PHA/PHB srb-6, osm-10 PS8846, PS8847, PS8848
Pharyngeal muscle myo-2 PS6844
PVC nmr-1, flp-20 Weak expression, present in half of the animals. PS8126 (syEx)
PS8282 PS8283
PVQ nlp-17 PS8839
PS8840 PS8841
RIA glr-3 PS8281 (syEx)
PS8279 PS8280
RMD? rig-5 Better images needed to identify PS8643
RMG nlp-56 PS8834
PS8835 PS8836 PS8837
AQR/PQR, URX gcy-32 ectopic coel in gfp PS8844, PS8845
URX flp-8 PS8648
ADL sre-1 PS9017, PS9018, PS9019, PS9020, PS9021
ASG y41C4A.6 PS9028, PS9029, PS9030
CAN pks-1 PS9031, PS9032
RIC tbh-1 PS9229, PS9236, PS9237, PS9238, PS9239
DD/VD ttr-39 PS9230, PS9231, PS9232, PS9242, PS9243
IL1 aqp-6 PS9240, PS9241

Effector Strains as of 7/30/2020

Transgene Description
UAS::-PKA(DN)-SL2-GFP Dominant negative form of PKA PS8124 PS8125
UAS::-FEM-3 Gene involved in sex determination, induces masculinization PS8509
UAS::-TRA-2 (IC) Gene involved in sex determination, induces feminization PS8408
UAS::-Lin-3C Epidermal growth factor PS8278
UAS::-GtACR2-SL2-GFP Natural light-gated anion channels, inhibition with blue light PS8284 PS8285 PS8286
UAS::-destabilized-YFP PS8406 PS8407
UAS::-wrmScarlet C. elegans optimized version of mScarlet PS8459 PS8460
UAS::-sbt-1 Tissue specific sbt-1 expression is sufficient to rescue dauer entry defect in sbt-1 mutant PS7901
UAS::-TeTX-SL2-mKate Tetanus toxin, acts by inhibiting neurotransmitter release PS8412 PS8413 PS8414
UAS::-TeTX-SL2-GFP Synaptogyrin homolog 1, localizes to synaptic vesicle PS8420 PS8421 PS8422
UAS::-GCaMP7s-SL2-mKate Latest GCaMP, improved SNR, slow kinetics PS8419
UAS::-GCaMP7f-SL2-mKate Latest GCaMP, improved SNR, fast kinetics PS8423 PS8424
UAS::-GCaMP7b-SL2-mKate Latest GCaMP, improved SNR, higher baseline fluorescence PS8473 PS8495
UAS::-lmp1-venus Lysosomal associated membrane protein PS8474 PS8475 PS8476 PS8477
UAS::-iC1-c2-TS-EYFP Chloride-conducting channelrhodopsin PS8466 PS8467
UAS::-rpl-22HA-SL2-mKate For tissue specific RNA-seq PS8463 PS8464 PS8465
UAS::-act2-venus Localizes to actin filament and cell cortex PS8555
PS8556, PS8557
PS8470 PS8471 PS8472
UAS::-ChR2(C128S)-EYFP Stable step function ChR2 variant. Activated by blue, terminated by green light. PS8498
PS8499 PS8500
UAS::-SwiCHR-TS-EYFP Step-Waveform Inhibitory Channelrhodopsin PS8508
UAS::-hChR2 (C128S, D156A)-EYFP Stabilized step function Opsins ChR2 variant PS8503
PS8504 PS8507
UAS::-miniSOG-130L-VAMP2-mCherry Inhibits synaptic release by disrupting the function of synaptic vesicles PS8505
UAS::-myri-mCherry Cell membrane targeting and labeling. Leaky RFP (seen in tails) PS8501
UAS::PTX-SL2-GFP Pertussis toxin (PTX), inactivates G protein subunits
UAS::VSFP-Butterfly-1-2 Voltage-sensitive fluorescent protein PS8552
PS8553 PS8554
UAS::miniSOG-103L::mCherry Inhibits synaptic release PS8558
UAS::GCaMP6s::SL2::mKate2 Calium indicator PS7203
PS7205 PS7206 PS7207 PS7208
UAS::hChR2(H134R)::YFP Neuronal activator PS7043
PS7044 PS7045
UAS::HisCl1::SL2::GFP Neuronal inhibition PS7199
PS7107 PS7108
UAS::TeTx Blocking synaptic transmission PS7200
PS7201 PS7202
UAS::ICE Cell ablation PS7192
PS7193 PS7194 PS7195 PS7195