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Sternberg Lab Members

Bren Professor of Biology
His research focuses on the systems biology, genetics and genomics of Caenorhabditis elegans and other nematodes.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Scientific Research Assistant
I am developing whole animal-transcriptomes as phenotypes for use in genetic analysis.
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Biology & Biological Engineering
A focus of my research involves the migration of the male linker cell in C. elegans.
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Biology and Biological Engineering

Graduate Students

I’m interested in utilizing existing knowledge from literature to better interpret RNA-seq data in physiological contexts and to link transcriptomic differences to physiologic differences between cell types.
Graduate Student
Non-Degree Student
I’m interested in the sensory dynamics of dauer formation in C. elegans.
Graduate Student
I am focusing on factors governing the dauer exit decision and how it relates to those of dauer entry. I am also interested in exploring how C. elegans retains neurological memory of whether or not it has undergone the dauer process.


I'm interested in using C. elegans as a model to study human neurodevelopmental disorders.
Research Technician
Research Technician Assistant
One of the projects I'm working on involves a GAL4-UAS based genetic tool. I'm looking to expand our toolkit through the building of “drivers” for neuron specific transgene control. I am also part of a project that seeks to generate C. elegans null mutants.
Research Scientist
One of the projects I'm working on focuses on generating new null mutants in C. elegans. I use CRISPR/Cas9 based simple and efficient knock-in methods such as STOP-IN cassette insertion.
Research Technician

Visiting Associates

One of the projects I'm working on is investigating soil health and microbiomes from an Azores-based lava tube cave (i.e.astrobiology). To learn more, visit:
Visitor in Biology and Biological Engineering
I’m interested in the basic molecular mechanism of human disease related genes in C.elegans and large-scale screen methods by using transposons.
Visiting Associate in Biology and Biological Engineering
My work explores the use of RNA-seq to study genetic interactions within and between pathways.
Visiting Associate in Biology and Biological Engineering


Software Developer
Information Technologist for WormBase
Biological Knowledgebase Curator
Database Curator
Database Curator
Scientific Analysis
Research Technician
Database Curator - Biology
Database Curator
Database Curator
Research Asst. I
Database Curator